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The protagonists of Shelter are a family of badgers, five cubs and their mother (controlled by the player). The mother is tasked with keeping the cubs alive through a series of disasters throughout the game.

Badger Family-0.png


The mother badger has a stripe down her back and two stripes along her sides. One cub has a round stripe around its back; one cub has a slender stripe with two thick, short stripes on its shoulders; one has a slender stripe with side stripes that go all the way from its shoulders to tail; one has a single, very thick stripe on its back; and one has a long, slender stripe on its back with a white 'mask' on its face.

The cubs will eventually grow up. You still do have to feed them, but they have become bigger and as such need less food (they will take longer to get hungry). In the end the mother badger tries her best but gets injured by an eagle due to having nowhere to hide, and starts limping, and then finally gets carried away by the eagle and eaten by it's chicks. The Badger cubs continue her legacy, and the credits roll.