Shelter 2 was a 2015 sequel to the 2013 game Shelter. It Featured Inna, the mother Lynx, and her nameable cubs. It uses the same engine as Shelter with some differences, be it minor or large.

The games main screenshot

You will start out being chased by wolves and you will have to escape them. This is the games way of teaching you the running/jumping controls. Once you escape the wolves, you will approach an open field with constellations scattering the sky and stars guiding your way. Follow the stars and you will reach a large tree with a cave just under it. Once you enter, you will see your cubs for the first time. You have the option to either keep their given names or change them. This has no effect on game play. Once you've named each of your cubs, you will spawn into the world with your four cubs lying in the den behind you. At this time, your cubs are too weak and small to travel with you just yet. You have to hunt for four rabbits, bringing each back to the cubs. Once the cubs are fed, they will stand up and you will begin the game. From this moment on, you are responsible for feeding your cubs often and keeping a watchful eye on the surroundings. If you are in the spawn area (otherwise known as the "Den area",) the only threats you need to worry about are "The Lonesome Fog" and the fires. Both of these can be read about on the "disasters" page. If you have the Mountains DLC, foxes and eagles can spawn in all areas. If you're in survival mode, you will constantly have to move through the areas. If you stay too long in an area, the prey will disappear due to over hunting. Once you've survived an entire season cycle, (spring, summer, fall and winter) your cubs will grow up. They will now be able to hunt and keep up with you, eagles and foxes are no longer a threat. You must hunt often or your cubs will starve, as they need to eat frequently at this time in their life. When fall comes around, your cubs will be old enough to leave you. Your screen will zoom in on Inna and you will no longer be able to run. The cubs will stop in their tracks before running off in any direction. Once they have gone, you will be able to resume the game as normal. Many players take this time without their cubs to explore the map in further detail. Eventually, a message will appear saying "Worn and weary, mother lynx hastens back to the den, her home now vast and empty." This is your queue to head back to the original nesting sight and enter your den. You don't have to as there is no time limit. Once you return to your den, the screen will go dark and show mother lynx sleeping in her nest. One more cut scene and you will be outside at night, the constellations once more littering the sky. The stars to guide you from before will be there, too. Your stamina ring will be gone. When you follow these stars, you will end up at a hill side where you stalk in the grass, eerie music playing before fireflies light up the area and reveal another, larger lynx. The lynx is a new mate, since it's bigger, the loading picture looks like a male lynx courting the female, and lynx don't mate for life. After running around with this lynx for a while, the end credits will begin to play and you will end up at the starting screen again. If you completed the game with one or more cubs, you will be able to click the "family tree" button and continue on as one of Inna's cubs.

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