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This is another game based off the concept of Shelter 2, but only this time you play as one of the cubs (who, in theory, is actually Inna from Shelter 2).

Spoilers ahead


You play as one of the four cubs of a mother lynx. It starts off with you leaving the den for the first time, hunting butterflies with your siblings, and playing with them as well as your mother catching you a rabbit for food. There is then a time skip; you wake up to see your mother leaving the den and follow her to a star. After sitting there for a while, she carries you back to the den.

The next morning she takes you and your siblings to a river but a wave comes, sweeping you (the lynx cub) away.

You wake up by the river and continue forward, catching frogs and butterflies. Finding the river, and the area you got separated from your family. The game prompts you to scent, and see spirits of your family coming out of the river and walking away. You then enter a dark area with deer that trot away if you get too close. Then there is the Swan Swamps.

Afterwards, you come to a den and wake up later with wolves chasing deer. You have no other way to go, so you follow them. You then come across a hungry bear cub and after feeding it, it helps you to find your way home. You then cross a lake. Sometimes something appears in the lake and comes towards you before vanishing into the water. It may also "chase" you before vanishing once again. When you come across a foggy area, you are forced to separate from your bear friend to find a way for you both to go through a path; however, you get attacked by a fox. You can jump on the ledges to evade it. If you get caught your bear friend helps you.

After more wandering you come across a river where the bear sees your mother. You have two choices: re-unite with your mother, or stay with the bear cub.

If you go with your mother you are carried away from your friend; any attempts to change your mind are blocked by your mother picking you up and taking you further away from the bear. Later, you come across a star and on the opposite side you see the bear cub.

If you continue by the river to some berry bushes with your friend; you seem to become family with the bear and find a den together, later going to the same star but this time seeing your mother.