The lake is a wilderness area in Shelter 2, where the player can roam and hunt. It contains a lake with two islands, and a river with a waterfall. It connects with the hill area to the south and with the tundra area to the east.

Prey/Food Edit

Inna is able to walk onto parts of the lake in winter where on the islands you can find rare collectables the rose and the pink feather. If inna enters the lake when spring is becoming winter the ice could melt and inna will fall into the water. If inna is on an island when the ice melts she will become stuck. 


  • The lonesome fog , this looks like a large cloud of fog, hense it's name. if you touch it, you risk loosing a kit. sit or lay down and call contantly to keep your cubs near. You can also run to your den to hide or tundra where it disappears  
  • Foxes , when you hear breaking twigs a fox is nearby. They will steal your kitten but if you chase them away 3 times they will dissapear. If they get a kit you can catch them to get some food. They are slowed down when they have a kit, so you can catch them easier.
  • Eagles , a loud screech signals an eagle is nearby. They will swoop and steal your kittens if they steal your kittens you can jump on them. They feed all of your cubs and make good last resort prey.
  • Forest fires , Sometimes when a lightning strikes a forest fire will appear. You can often notice this when the sky goes dark , if you go as soon as the sky darkens you can escape with all of your cubs. It will spread but not inflict any damage to the world overall.
  • Hunger , during winter prey will be scarce in the lake area and many of your cubs can go hungry not only that water will be frozen over so you cannot drink in an emergency. The only way to avoid this is to not go there at the winter. 
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