Foxes are found in the lake area, fields and swamps. They are both in Shelter, Shelter 2 and Paws Shelter 2.

In Shelter at one part you can eat a fox by hunting and pouncing on it. But they are tricky to catch.

In Shelter 2 you can eat the fox as well. They will stalk you and steal your cubs.

In Shelter 2 Paws, you are a lynx cub. When you come across a foggy area, you are forced to be separated from your bear friend and you're trying to find a way to help the bear cub get up. When go through a path you get attacked by a fox. You can jump on the ledges to evade it. If you get caught your bear friend helps you.

If you kill the fox your cubs can feast on it. And they will be full for a while.

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