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Shelter 1

Eagles are the main antagonists of the first Shelter and one of the most dangerous creatures you will encounter in the game.They are large birds with swirls of gray, and they can be found in large spaces with patches of bush cover.

To escape the eagle, you must leave its region by hiding in and running in between the bush cover and/or tunnels, timed to the eagle's usually circular flying route. There are three total eagles.

Spoilers for the ending of Shelter 1

The eagle is also part of the ending of Shelter 1--there is not any cover and instead of going for your badger babies, the eagle will attack you three times, the first time, leaving you unable to run, the second, making you limp and scaring off your babies, and the third, finally carrying you off. This triggers the ending cutscene, which shows your babies whimpering yet still carrying on.

Shelter 2

Eagles made a return In Shelter 2 as one of the new predators in the Mountains DLC. It is signaled by an eagle screech and a mandolin playing. Unlike in the first game, hiding in bushes won't work but hiding in the den will. If an Eagle manages to get a hold on one of your cubs, don't panic. It will stay close to the ground for a few seconds. Run towards the eagle and pounce on it like you would a deer. You will kill it and it will drop your cub. Eagles feed four cubs and their skulls are a collectible.